Trail of Tears

I remember when the whites took me and my family away from our land. They killed some of the people that didn’t want to go. That one day stuck in my head still very vivid. It was in the middle of summer and the sun was right above us beating down on everybody. I’m lucky that I’m on a horse and don’t have to walk the many miles we already had to do. Some people aren’t that lucky. I look over and I see a woman burying her child, crying the whole time. This whole journey has been just a trail of tears with people burying people almost every mile, The white men say this trail is about 800 miles even though it seems a lot longer. I don’t know how people made it this far with this heat and scarce food and water, The nights are still cold and very harsh with no blankets for warmth. A lady came up to me begging for food when I don’t have enough for myself the white man don’t give us whole food just what they don’t finish. I will remember the screams and cries of those who have lost the loved ones but I will also remember the cheers of joy that I hear when we get to our destination and sett down to live our lives.