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Hey everyone if you can help me out and are class that would be cool. Everyday we have a riddle to solve in one of are classes. Some are hard and others are easy. Here is one we are stumped on: You are in the U.S Coast Guard and you get an emergency call saying something is wrong on this boat. When you get there you find 20 dead bodies laying in the water how did they die!!!!!!!

if you know anything that could help us  please leave a comment. I’ll be back on to give another riddle soon.

I have found out the anwser it is that they all jumped off the boat to go snorkeling. Funny thing is they forgot to put down the ladder. So they all drowned. Leave some more commments on other post if you want.

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  1. I think that riddle is pretty hard too and i can’t come up with an answer so if I find out a clue i’ll let you know.

  2. Perhaps I have it. There is a trick to these riddles right? Was everyone of the boat dead and in the water? Then is the answer who made the call? Well if that isn’t the trick I will need to work through all the reasons why they aren’t alive 🙁

  3. Look at the **evidence**. Don’t assume or “read into” that which is not there.
    “Dead bodies in the water.” Are these *human* bodies? …

  4. I don’t really know… but I am guessing the boat must have sunk and the people drowned??? The riddle was pretty specific that the call came from a boat – but then they would have said their boat was sinking when they made the call right?

    Hmmmm… really I just wanted to put a nice big red dot on your cluster map from NZ 🙂

  5. They weren’t human bodies at all. They were fish or some sort of marine animal. They were dead and the Coast Guard was still alive on the boat. Maybe they died because that area of the water was toxic from something humans had dumped into the sea and it had now leaked into the water.

  6. Cody — You have absolutely have to tell us the answer when you find out. Because I won’t be able to sleep tonight otherwise with knowing who was closest to the correct answer.

  7. Good answer Dean – but what about the “something is wrong on this boat”. Mmmm!

    Cody – Hope you get a blob on your map from London!

  8. I think I like the answer Dean gave, rather than the ‘snorkeling’ version!

    Great to see you have more blobs on your map now Cody!

  9. Cody – Julya popped past my blog to say “hehe the answer to the riddle was that they were scuba diving and forgot to put the ladder down onthe boat so they couldnt get back onthe boat so they drowned in the ocean”

    I think we need an independent recheck on this answer? My understanding is all dive boats have to leave several staff on board at all times. I’m sure it is a safety procedure. Plus I think most have structures low near water. Besides if that was the case why couldn’t they climb up the anchor?

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