Middle School Memories


      When I first came in to middle school, I didn’t know what to expect. But, when I met my first 6thgrade teacher I new the three years were going to be great. With all of my fun times at the lunch table with all my friends and all the stories we shared. One of my funniest moments was in science class with Mr. Nagel, and we were talking about cloning. When, Warren, with his famous questions, asked, can you clone a taco! The whole class started to laugh hysterically. My favorite teacher would have to be Mr. Fill by a long shot. He did all these really cool little activities that made you think of your personal life and open up. He teacher my favorite subject too, science. Of course my favorite grade was 6th because of my team. Now it is off to high school for 4 more years!






Trail of Tears

I remember when the whites took me and my family away from our land. They killed some of the people that didn’t want to go. That one day stuck in my head still very vivid. It was in the middle of summer and the sun was right above us beating down on everybody. I’m lucky that I’m on a horse and don’t have to walk the many miles we already had to do. Some people aren’t that lucky. I look over and I see a woman burying her child, crying the whole time. This whole journey has been just a trail of tears with people burying people almost every mile, The white men say this trail is about 800 miles even though it seems a lot longer. I don’t know how people made it this far with this heat and scarce food and water, The nights are still cold and very harsh with no blankets for warmth. A lady came up to me begging for food when I don’t have enough for myself the white man don’t give us whole food just what they don’t finish. I will remember the screams and cries of those who have lost the loved ones but I will also remember the cheers of joy that I hear when we get to our destination and sett down to live our lives.

Intention or Action?

 “Do you define a person by their actions or their intentions, why?” Well, this is taking me a while to answer. I finally got an answer by reading this blog post. http://dmcordell.blogspot.com/ Check it out it might help if you still haven’t decided. My answer is you judge a person by there intentions. In the post on her blog the publishers intentions were not to give the news paper to the school because it had a picture that he thought  would not be appropriate for kids to see it. If he did then parents would be angry at the school. Then the school would be angry at the publisher even though the publishers intentions were good. He never said you wouldn’t get the newspaper all he wanted was them to look it over and let the school approve it so he wouldn’t get in trouble. That is why I believe you should define a person by their intentions instead of their actions. What do you think?

DJ summary

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Article 1-p 298 Napoleon and Louisiana
Nopeleon is ready to go and take over louisiana. Standing in the way is a rebellion in the French colony of saint Domingue. Enslaved Africans had risen and over thrown the local government.Napoleon wants to regain control of the island to use a supply base before occupying Louisiana. Nopoleon’s men kept fighting, but soon came over yellow fever. The French now weakened ruined thier plans to go and take control of Luisana


My Inaugural Speech

My fellow Americans,

Thank you for this honor leading this nation. Time has come to set aside childish things. Without a watch full eye the market can spin out of control. Our economy is weakening because of our greediness. I will do all that is in my power to help fix this economy.We must feed help feed hungry minds. We all can help third world countries that are in need of nourished water and food they need. All of this we will do, all this we can do.

Changing my Self Before I Change The World

Before I change the world the thing I would change for me is looking at the environment in a different way. If you look at it as your own garbage disposal you won’t be able to help it out and save it. I’m starting to think more about how to help it. If we start now we can change the world and make it green and easier to walk out your front door an smell fresh air. 

The Change we All Need

The changes i want 2009 is the world to be safer and more environmentally friendly. Soon their might not be a world(I hope not) but you never know with all of our pollution and economy going down in a spiral. We need to act now and think of what needs to be done to get the world back on its feet again. So lets all take are part and doing the little things like recycling and maybe picking up few bits a garbage.

go green by bnileshhttp://www.flickr.com/search/?q=going+green